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We can help you in all your real estate closings by protecting your largest investment. We will ensuring that you always feel comfortable and informed throughout the entire process of the closing.

We serve:



For Sale By Owners

Lenders & Realtors

Once we receive a contract we immediately:

Open an Escrow Account

Introduce Ourselves to All Parties

Provide a Preliminary Closing Statement (HUD-1)

and Perform a Title Search and Examination.

What Does a Title Agency Do?

As a title agency we make sure the property closing occurs. To ensure this, we will make sure all the paperwork is in order, conduct a property title searches and order all reports (as needed). We confirm surveys of the property are completed to transfer property ownership (if applicable).

Two of the biggest contributions of a title agency

  • Completing the property title search.
  • Providing title insurance on the transaction.

Other services provided by a title agency:

  • Closing Facilitation – We can host the closing on neutral grounds.
  • Document Filing- We file all documents with the government agencies & ensure all parties get copies.
  • Escrow Agents – We can hold earnest money & disburse funds.
  • Notary Services – We provide notary services for all documents (if applicable). 


Your leadership is unique in its greatness and your communication skills command the respect of the room. We could have never made it to this point without you!

Anna Tirson

Excellent Support

The response time was excellent. The individual support, was also excellent – clear, concise, answered all of my questions and gave me an example which was easy to follow.

John Rinckell

Appreciate your Help

I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate their ability to work nights and weekends to assist with us meeting our deadlines.  Moreover they were great at making sure I understood the reasoning behind all changes.

Ron Williams

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